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    Basic Research and Clinical Practice

    Interdisciplinary Mistletoe Symposium


    Association of Anthroposophic Doctors in Germany
    Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research
    Society for Phytotherapy
    Zentralverband der Ärzte für Naturheilverfahren u. Regulationsmedizin (ZAEN) e.V.

    Co-operation partners:

    APV The International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology
    Deutsche Pharmazeutische Gesellschaft e.V. (German Pharmaceutical Society)
    European Society for Integrative Oncology

    Funding by foundations:

    Karl and Veronica Carstens Foundation


    Dr. Rainer Scheer, Carl Gustav Carus-Institut, Niefern-Öschelbronn
    Prof. Dr. Harald Matthes, Gemeinschaftskrankenhaus Havelhöhe, Berlin

    Scientific Organisation:

    Prof. Dr. Susanne Alban, Kiel
    Prof. Dr. Reinhild Klein, Tübingen
    Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kreis, Hemhofen
    Dr. Ann-Kathrin Lederer, Freiburg
    PD Dr. Gero Leneweit, Niefern-Öschelbronn
    Prof. Dr. Harald Matthes, Berlin
    Dr. Emanuela Portalupi, Mailand, Italien
    Dr. Günther Spahn, Mainz
    Dr. Rainer Stange, Berlin


    The 9th Mistletoe Symposium is the continuation of a series of mistletoe symposia that take place every 4 years as face-to-face events. Here scientists and doctors shall come together, present and discuss latest results from medicine and pharmacy, research and clinical practice, that a comprehensive picture of the current state of knowledge of the mistletoe in tumour therapy is created. Based on this the use of mistletoe preparations can be developed further, and their potential and limitations be identified. This explains why this interdisciplinary dialogue, which cuts across the borders of the various therapy approaches, is so important. The organisers would like to extend an invitation to this symposium.

    In the clinical part of the symposium a current clinical topic or on the treatment of a single tumour entity is chosen as a topic for special attention. This shall be dealt with in depth from the perspective of the conventional oncology and in terms of the contribution which mistletoe preparations can make to the management of this condition.

    The organizers are calling for scientific work (short lectures and poster presentations) on the following subjects and/or questions which are vitally important for mistletoe therapy and its scientific advancement:

    • Botany, physiology, pharmacy and phytochemistry: appropriate standardisation, assurance of pharmaceutical quality of mistletoe preparations, their analytics and galenic.
    • Immunology, pre-clinic, cytotoxicity, mode of action profile of the active ingredients and total extracts
    • Posology, mode of application: Dosing regimens and therapeutic range, effects of the route of administration on the therapeutic range
    • Tumour-specific application: for solid and epithelial tumours, haemoblastoses, for benign tumours, for recurrence prophylaxis after tumour surgery, for defined precancerous lesions, influence of mistletoe therapy on metastasis
    • Immune parameters before and during mistletoe therapy; immune status; suitable follow-up parameters for monitoring mistletoe therapy
    • Clinical research and proof of efficacy: clinical studies with mistletoe in tumour therapy; objective criteria for proof of efficacy; further developments in mistletoe therapy
    • Health services research data/Real World Data on outcome, tolerability, safety and cost-effectiveness
    • Drug safety: analysis of side effects with regard to effect and efficacy, type and frequency of adverse drug reactions, pseudo allergic reactions
    • Contributions to meta-analyses; systematic reviews and their evaluation
    • Regulatory topics
    • Pharmacoeconomics

    In order to create a common basis for discussion, general overview lectures are planned.

    Integrated face-to-face/online further training course entitled "Practice of Mistletoe Therapy"

    This 5-hour training is integrated into the Mistletoe Symposium and is offered as a hybrid event. The intended target group are doctors, pharmacists and all those involved in the treatment of tumour patients.

    Registration fees:

    The Mistletoe Symposium is financially supported by the organisers, the Karl and Veronica Carstens Foundation and other foundations and sponsors. Therefore, no separate event fees are charged for participation in the Mistletoe Symposium, neither for the face-to-face nor the online (hybrid) part,

    Accommodation and meals are the responsibility of each participant.

    Continuing education certificates and certificates of attendance:

    If you would like to receive a certificate of participation, you are welcome to fill in lists in the conference center with your name, address and e-mail address.  We will send you the certificates of participation by e-mail after the mistletoe symposium.
    Certificates of attendance will not be issued for participation in the online training because we do not know who is participating.
    Access to the online training is freely available without registration (see Online-Further-Training).

    The Medical Association and the Chamber of Pharmacists will be applying for continuing education points for the mistletoe symposium. Certificates of attendance will be issued on request.

    Publication of an abstract book:

    The abstracts of the contributions to the mistletoe symposium will again be published in a scientific journal and will be available at the time of the symposium.


    The symposium language is German. But all lectures can be presented also in English language. The organizers offer the simultaneous translation of all lectures including the discussions into English language. The poster presentations are given in English language.

    Publication of a book:

    In turn, all lectures and posters presented on this symposium are to be published as quickly as possible after the symposium. Thus all authors are requested to provide their manuscripts ready for printing. The manuscripts should meet our instructions for authors (see "format directions for authors"). They should be submitted until 31 January of the following year after the symposium.

    For more details please contact:

    Dr. Rainer Scheer, c/o
    Carl Gustav Carus Institut
    Allmendstr. 55
    D-75223 Niefern-Öschelbronn
    Phone  +49 (0)7233 7043-118
    Fax    +49 (0)7233 7043-110.


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    Niefern-Öschelbronn, December 2023, Dr. Rainer Scheer