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    Format directions for Authors of KVC Verlag (Publisher)

    Please read the following instructions before writing the manuscript!

    1. Standard text
    2. Set-up of the manuscript
    3. Tables and figures
    4. List of references
    5. Enquires and manuscript submission.

    1. Standard text

    The document "mistel_4.dotx" defines the following layout in detail:

    Paper size:       DIN A5 (14.8 x 21 cm)

    Margins:        top:                 2.5 cm

    bottom:           1.7 cm

    left:                 1.5 cm

    right:               1.5 cm


    The font of the main text is to be palatino linotype, size of 10 point (pt). The first line of the paragraph is to be indented by 0.65 cm. Please write single spaced with justified alignment. Standard text and references should not have any underlining or CAPITALS, write only Latin terms in italics.

    Please observe the order of headings:

    Heading 1: Calibri 16 pt bold

    Heading 2: Calibri 14 pt bold

    Heading 3: Calibri 12 pt bold


    2. Set-up of the manuscript

    -          Heading in German

    -          Heading in English

    -          Name of author

    -          Summary and key words (German)

    -          Summary and key words (English)

    -          Introduction

    -          Material and methods

    -          Results

    -          Discussion

    -          Outlook, conclusion (if appropriate)

    -          Expression of thanks

    -          References

    -          Information on the authors with full name, titles and address

    -          Address and email for correspondence.

    If the publication is written in English language, please start with the English heading and the English summary (+ key words) at their respective position.


    3. Tables and figures

    Please insert tables with headings in the running text. Please refer to the figures in the running text or rather insert legends.

    Please store all figures with legends in separate files.


    Figures should have the following format:

    -          as picture: jpg, tiff, bmp, psd

    -          as excel-diagram.


    Please don't use powerpoint-diagrams, wmf-files etc.


    If this isn't possible, please enclose as alternative a high quality (laser-) print of the figure.


    4. List of references and references in the text (referring back to JAMA style)

    Entries have to be made in alphabetical order, considering the name of the first author and the year of the publication (descending order; i.e. the last publication is mentioned first).

    Please observe strictly the following instructions:

    4.1. List of references


    -          Authors: Last name then first name, no separation by commas (abbr. and full stop, two first names: without blank),  several authors separated by commas

    -          After 3 names the list of authors can be shortened by using the term "et al."

    -          Year of publication or (in press); if several with same year of publication: distinguish them with a), b), c) etc.

    -          After colon (:), title of the contribution. Latin words such as Viscum album or in vitro, in vivo in italics please

    -          Journal name, use its customary abbreviation, with no punctuation

    -          Year, colon, indication of pages always with from-to; no blanks

    -          End with full stop.

    Examples of reference citations: journals*, books**, sections of books***, internet pages****

    * Stein MS, Schaller G, Pfüller U: Characterisation of granulocyte stimulation by thionins from European mistletoe and from wheat. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1999a; 1426: 80-90.

    ** Scheer R, Alban S, Becker H et al. (Hrsg.): Die Mistel in der Tumortherapie 2 - Aktueller Stand der Forschung und klinischen Anwendung. Essen: KVC Verlag; 2009.

    *** Urech K, Jäggy C, Schaller G: Räumliche und zeitliche Dynamik der Viscotoxin- und Mistellektingehalte in der Mistel Viscum album (L.). In: Scheer R, Alban S, Becker H et al. (Hrsg.): Die Mistel in der Tumortherapie 2 - Aktueller Stand der Forschung und klinische Anwendung. Essen: KVC-Verlag; 2009: 67-78.

    **** Landesforsten Rheinland-Pfalz (Hrsg.): Forschung an Dauerbeobachtungsflächen; 2005. [Stand: 19.03.2010].

    4.2 References in the text

    In parentheses, first author without first name, comma, year of publication and differentiation a), b), c) without blank; in case of two authors both names are required, in case of more than two authors only the name of the first author is required followed by "et al." (in italics); semicolon, next publication.

    Examples of the text

    ...and some promising mouse melanoma studies (Laszczyk 2009)...

    ...or long-time survivorship (Volm et al., 2003a-c; Gunavan et al. 2001; Efferth, Volm 2004; Efferth et al. 2006)...


    5. Enquires and manuscript submission:

    Dr. Rainer Scheer

    Carl Gustav Carus-Institut

    Am Eichhof 30

    75223 Niefern-Öschelbronn

    Tel +49 (0)7233 7043-118

    Fax +49 (0)7233 7043-110



    The manuscripts including figures and tables should not have more than 10 pages. Please send them by email.